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August Social Content Creation

Content Creation

Marketing is more than simply sharing your message, or getting your product or service in front of the right people. Well-executed, aesthetic content is the backbone of any successful digital strategy, and it's crucial to have a diverse range of content to capture your ideal market.

Whether it's E-commerce photo / video, in-studio / on-location content, product photography, or User Generated Content (UGC), each form has its own unique set of benefits for your brand, that will ultimately help you make an impact and effectively engage your audience.


Classic Social Content

Classic social media content is ideal for short-form day-to-day posting, such as Instagram stories / posts / reels, TikToks etc. This content can vary, but often includes product showcases, BTS glimpses, personal vlogs, and creative visual content, filmed on a smartphone or digital camera in a purposefully organic, lower ‘production value’ style of photography / videography.

This style of content is perceived as more genuine and down-to-earth, building trust and deeper connections with your audience, as opposed to highly polished content. Ultimately, the best approach to content creation depends on your brand's unique needs and goals, but should involve a mix of both highly-produced and more low-key content.

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Studio & On-Location Shoots

In-studio / on-location content creation offers the opportunity to create high-quality, polished photos and videos. It’s important to keep things interesting, and this approach allows for a fresh perspective and a diverse range of backdrops and settings to keep your audience engaged. Although we’re located on the Gold Coast in Australia, we travel interstate and overseas providing complimentary planning, coordination of models, studios and HMUA services to ensure a smooth experience that aligns with your creative vision
Note that additional costs associated with this service such as travel, models & studio hire are not included in our rates.

User Generated Content

UGC is a unique form of marketing, offering an effective way to gain authentic, genuine and trustworthy social media posts created by 'customers' (or UGC creators), rather than your brand or marketing department. August Social works closely with a variety of UGC creators from around the globe to coordinate /produce reviews,  videos, photos and more for your brand, helping you build trust, increase engagement, save on content creation costs, and foster a sense of community among your customers.